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Desire for Life

The purpose of the community is supporting of social and scientific projects dedicated to life extention and enhancement of it’s quality.

We are in favor of improving the quality of health care, education, and improving the quality of life.

Happiness on four wheels

Valery Spiridonov, for RIA&DFL In those days when I and Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero stated about the planned scientific breakthrough in the form of a body transplantation, many people were surprised by the very idea that this could be seriously discussed....

Russian Technologies of Spinal Cord Restoration

Valery Spiridonov, for RIA&DFL Since the work of Dr. Canavero with my participation has attracted so much attention, due to his openness and contact, I managed to establish a connection with the best minds of the modern world in the field of medicine. The...

Treatment of the spinal cord with “import substitution”

Valery Spiridonov, for the MIA "Russia Today" and "Desire for Life" When discussing the topic of transplantation body, critics often raise the question of the biological compatibility of tissues. Of course, in the case of transplantation of foreign organs, this topic...

SIME-2016, Stockholm, Sweden

November 15-16 Val Spiridonov has spoken from the stage of Sime - biggest interactive media event in northern Europe. Topics covered: Desire For Life projects and technologies. Applying robotics in rehabilitation. Artificial intelligence daily use. The Sime Experience...

TEDx FontankaRiver St.Petersburg

Sept.4 in St. Petersburg TEDxFontankaRiver event took place. Val Spiridonov was a final speaker of TEDx FontankaRiver with the short motivation story about several projects of Desire for Life community.

This post is also available in: Russian